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Post by Ham L3T #BB on Sat May 20, 2017 6:40 pm

Usernames you use (Steam, Kongregate, Battle.Net, etc.): Nozzie (Steam, CS:GO), NaFT (League of Legends)
Age: 17
Country/Timezone: Uruguay (GMT-3)
Are you currently in a clan: No
Have you had a problem with the UGB mod staff (Chat bans / forum bans). If yes, why? Yes, forum ban for 6 months for multiple accounts.
What clans were you previously in? (BB:) Selfmade Records > Behind The Lines > Iridium || eSport: Serena Five (Coach of League of Legends), the team got in the Challanger Series of Riot Games LAS (winner of the ESL LAS) but banned bacause one of the players lied about his age.
What games do you play? Counter Strike Global Offensive and League of Legends.
Why do you want to join SH.O.T I'm an old member of BB and I want a clan to enjoy with others friends.
Give us one random fact about yourself: Well, I am from Uruguay (South America), I played MOBA games like Starcraft I, II, DoTA II, LoL and FPS: CS:GO.
My league in LoL were Diamond III (now CHLG.) and in 2016-2017 Competitive Season I was the coach of Serene Five (Winner of the ESL LAS but banned by Riot Games), I'm now free agent in League of Legends. My dream is to get in the CDL and CLS (Circuito de Leyendas (Challenger Series) and Copa Latinoamerica Sur (like LCS).

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